STACKED Book Club/Teaching Guideline

If you’re running a book club or teaching STACKED in your curriculum, these questions will help you successfully integrate the materials from this award-winning book into your curriculum. These chapters/achievements are especially good to teach if you are going to jump around the book.

Achievement ONE: One Magical Idea To Rule Them All

  • Share your timeline
  • Explain how timelining your goal was better than just listing your goals out
  • Imagine you can’t achieve all of your goals on the timeline. Which goals would take priority over the others? Would that change your timeline on lesser goals?
  • How does a timeline affect your budget?
  • Do you imagine yourself investing for your goals? Did you realize some of your investments are in the wrong spot based on how close/far away they are on the timeline? Explain why.

Achievement SIX: What To Expect When You’re Investing

  • What was unexpected about investing in this chapter?
  • What stood out to you?
  • Explain the difference between a stock and a mutual fund.
  • Explain the difference between a mutual fund and an exchange traded fund.
  • Why should someone invest in the stock market instead of just putting it into savings?

Achievement EIGHT: The Condom Broke and Other Risk Management Horror Stories

  • Why delineate between “risk management” and buying insurance? What’s the difference?
  • Share a story where you managed risk without buying insurance.
  • What is the true “return” on your emergency fund?
  • How do you determine which insurnaces are most necessary?
  • What is an insurance you own right now that you’re reconsidering?
  • What’s an insurance you’re now thinking about buying? Why?

Achievement NINE: Estate Planning – The Final Frontier

  • What part of your estate plan is missing?
  • Are you surprised that you need an estate plan?
  • Find a story of someone who didn’t have an estate plan and share the story of what happened afterward to the group.

Achievement TEN: Fighting Fear and Creating a Benjamin-Stacking Mindset

  • Which type does the book say you are? Do you agree with the assessment? Why/why not?
  • What’s something you’ve done which would verify/overrule this assessment?
  • What does this assessment of your currennt mindset mean you’ll have to look out for in the future?
  • What strengths does this mindset give you over others?

Achievement FOURTEEN: Hiring Advisors Who Won’t Bleed You Dry

  • What is the argument people use against hiring advisors that is, according to Emily and Joe, the “wrong argument”?
  • Think of the smartest people you know. Who are their advisors? How did they learn about life/their craft/money? What can you do to emulate them?
  • What advisors do you have in your life now? Make a “board of advisors” based on who you go to for decisions currently. Who is on it? Do they know they’re on it? Should they be fired?
  • What do you look for in good advice?
  • Is a good advisor also a friend?

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